[Advaita-l] [advaitin] The 'Parabrahman' of Advaita

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Thu Jan 14 06:16:18 CST 2016

Hare Krishna

Even I may not declare it bravely but here we are talking about "prabrhama of advaita" so that way ain't we talking about upAdhirahita caitanyam?

Ø   Yes and as you know since this upAdhirahita chaitanyaM is nirvishesha it is yato vAcho nivartante aprApya manasa saha..it is called jneya brahma.  upAdhirahita chaitanyaM can only be realized and one cannot have the ‘knowledge’ of it.

Ofcourse there is Shiva, there is Vishnu, I was saying that there is nothing like prabrhama is Shiv OR Vishnu.

Ø   Yes, parabrahman is not shiva or vishNu but shiva & vishNu are nothing but parabrahmaN since there exists nothing but parabrahman.  In the 4th adhyAya of sUtra bhAshya shankara clarifies why we should do upAsana of theses prateeka-s / Alambana-s as parabrahman.

Prabrham of Advaita is "I am." "I am" the hero of the story :-). Do not we say in sandhya Asawadityo braham brahmevAhamasmi?

Where there is Brahma alone from where the question of either Vishun is Brahma OR Shiva is Brahma arises?

Ø   It is because kArya brahma (apara) does not have its own existence apart from kAraNa (para) brahman.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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