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Is there a difference in sushupati of ajnAni and jnAni?

Hare Krishna

There is no difference in sushupti anubhava between ajnAni and jnAni, jnAni and jnAni, ajnAni and ajnAni since the 'experience' of sushupti is same for one and all.  Hence no question/doubt on the experience of deep sleep state.  We have somany questions on waking and dream states since it varies from individual to individual due to upAdhi-s bedha,  whereas nobody would ask the question about one's anubhava of deep sleep state since it is the state of ekaM or ekeebhUtaM or sarvOpAdhi vinirmuktaM.  However from the point of 'want of this svarUpa jnAna' it has been said that there is avidyA in jnAnAbhAva rUpa in sushupti for the ajnAni.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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Is there a difference in sushupati of ajnAni and jnAni?

An ajnAni sushupati anubhava is "I slept well, I do not know anything, I experienced sukham."

A jnAni statement is also the same or it is different.

If it is same then is it possible that after some brain-injury his wrong conclusion, I am body, based on avidhyA could come back.



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