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I think one needs to go through the Mudgalopanishad to really understand the Purushasukta. The Nirguna and Saguna is a reversible situation. In scientific terms we can probably say that there is no change in entropy in a reversible situation.  In common parlance, nothing is lost or gained in that reversible situation. A part of Him becomes manifested and then gets eventually dissolved and this cycle is repeated. This reminds me of what Shri Ramakrishna Paramhamsha said - A time will come when one will realize the Vedantic truth in one day. 

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If you are saying Para Brahman can have form show some Sruti
references to show he has four hands and so on. There may be Narayana
Sukta but there are also other Siva Para mantras like Sri Rudra in
Yajur Veda. Then there will be fight between Vishnu Para and Siva Para
views. What is the use of this? When will it end?

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>>  Namaste
>> There is no harm if Advaitis or anyone  say Vishnu is Para Brahman
>> because Vishnu means All Pervading. If Vishnu is Chaturbhuja with
>> Sankha Chakra and so on it is a limited form. Any form will have
>> boundaries and inside and outside that boundaries. Outside the form
>> that Brahman will not be there and inside the form it will be there.
>> Therefore it cannot be All Pervading. Because outside the form it is
>> not there. Therefore Nirguna and Niraakaara Brahman is the Unlimited
>> Para Brahman. Saguna is the limited form of that Unlimited Brahman.
> As other member said (about Uma), when prasiddhi artha exist for Vishnu
> shabda as refering to rUpa chaturbAhu/lakshmIpati etc , why resort to yOgika
> artha as "all pervading" ?
> This will be problematic only for those they wrongly think that rUpa-s of
> Parabrahman are similar to rUpas-s as delineated/limited in space as we know
> it in mundane world.
> /SV


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