[Advaita-l] [advaitin] The 'Parabrahman' of Advaita

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>  Namaste
> There is no harm if Advaitis or anyone  say Vishnu is Para Brahman
> because Vishnu means All Pervading. If Vishnu is Chaturbhuja with
> Sankha Chakra and so on it is a limited form. Any form will have
> boundaries and inside and outside that boundaries. Outside the form
> that Brahman will not be there and inside the form it will be there.
> Therefore it cannot be All Pervading. Because outside the form it is
> not there. Therefore Nirguna and Niraakaara Brahman is the Unlimited
> Para Brahman. Saguna is the limited form of that Unlimited Brahman.
As other member said (about Uma), when prasiddhi artha exist for Vishnu
shabda as refering to rUpa chaturbAhu/lakshmIpati etc , why resort to
yOgika artha as "all pervading" ?

This will be problematic only for those they wrongly think that rUpa-s of
Parabrahman are similar to rUpas-s as delineated/limited in space as we
know it in mundane world.


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