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 Dear Friends,Source: Speaking Tree, Today’s Times of India
 What is constant in life is the “CHANGE” or Badalav  andeverything is constantly changing. Human being changes so many forms fromMorning to night, now happy, now hopeful, now low, now depressed, now weeping,now quiet, now raising, now aggravating, now lost in thought and so on, so moodof the mind is constant moving according to individual ‘Chitta Chanchalya’.
The goddess of fortune is with somebody today, tomorrow withanother person and day after tomorrow will go with some one as she is the oneof the forms of the lady. If fortune changes from one person to another personthen only it is called lakshmi. Lakshmi means keep changing or movingconstantly from one place to other place, I mean “Chanchal” . Then what is Achal is as we have “ Achaleswar Mahadev Temple”in my Place which is eternal and the DHARMA.   It is very difficult to translate orexplainable which is beyond religion and defines your being. What ever you nameis that  dharma is same in all religions,Hindu/Jain/Buddhism/Islam/Christianity/Jewish/Parsi. How we can define or Judge what to value to material thingsand how to differentiate between them. In order to do this one should haveright attitude and we know the values of consciousness, Matter explains matter.This understanding doesn’t come so easily unless you have awakened chetana or clean consciousness. There are mainly 3 dhatus one is Gel/pani- Maintains Life, Seed/Plant- Sustains Life, Ornamental Vak –Keeps the relations. One can also include Breath with quality values.All these makesachala dharma in leaving material pleasures leads to Atma Suddhi. As per KashmiriShaivism & Pratyabhijna Hridaya, we should be like in that state when weborned until you leave this body. I mean as sadanandji said very rightly weshould not change at all as we grow to keep the Body-Mass Index constant alwaysand it will leads to LIBERATION for sure. As SadanandaJi nicelydescribed in his mail to me thatPratyabhijna means recognition of oneself. I am - +all activities that  involve time, spaceand object wise limitations. I am- remains the same  at least from birth to death while the BMI ischanging. Pratyabhijna is  recognition ofmyself as the very-existent conscious entity that does  not undergo any change in spite of all changesin the BMI and the  external world. regardsKameswara

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