[Advaita-l] Basic questions are also welcome.

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Thank you Jaldhar 
So nice of you to respond 
Simple question
What is
It may be too simple but we start at grassroots
Perhaps you can guide me a book or two and read or some one who begins the class starts with 
Whst is ADVAITA and the flow be non stop
Thank you again for asking very simple bSic question

Dinesh Patel MD

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>> The discourse going on is amazing Many years of learning and deep learning is what brings to us As a novice person I find some what difficult to understand the smooth thoughts passing by and frequently confused by capital letter and the rest It appears that this discourse is for postgraduate students of Vedas and Hindu scriptures In order to disseminate wonderful discourse to the common masses Do you have another group who deals with beginners or can you elaborate slowly the discourse
> There is no set agenda to the discussion on advaita-l.  People bring up whatever they are interested in.  As many of us have been studying this subject for a long time the nature of our questions is more advanced but if something is on your mind or needs clarification just go ahead and ask!
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