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On Tue, 22 Dec 2015, Praveen R. Bhat wrote:

> Precisely why I asked the question. vaiyyAkaraNas would usually not use the
> word पद unless it fits the definition of one of the 4 sutras, main ones
> being १.४.१४ सुप्तिङन्तम् पदम् as you mention below and १.४.१७ स्वादिष्वसर्वनामस्थाने,
> latter being the pada-derivation stage jargon with specifics. So I wanted to
> know if there was something more to it, because in the context of grammar,
> unless the word gets a पदसंज्ञा that word will not fall in the संज्ञाप्रदेश of
> anything that operates on a पद।

Well to complete my thought, I think for Vyakarana it is enough that the 
declined forms of nouns and verbs are nitya, the bases can be considered 
theoretical back constructions. But I could be wrong on this.

>       Similarly ti~Na is the base form of a verb. 
> A small correction, you mean ti~N, तिङ्।

Yes of course.  I unconsciously added the a at the end sorry.

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