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> Is it worthwhile exploring the option of colloborating with other efforts
> of making advaita texts searchable?

​We will prefer to put our edition separate.
Going under someone's roof kills diversity and individuality.
​maTha editions have some different readings and TippaNa-s. I wish to keep

> >Typed work will be put online, no doubt. But, for that we will need some
> >web-developer who could help us. The company which created advaitasharada,
> >never seemed responsive. We tried to contact them, just to get phone
> >numbers, one after another of different persons. No quotations, no clear
> >promises.
> It might be a good idea to talk to someone in the Sringeri Matha Library. I
> have some contacts there, if you are interested.

​I wrote to Sringeri for technical help.
Have not received reply. Although, it is only a few days since I wrote.

Any help is appreciated.

By help of V Subrahmanian Ji, I'm in touch with the firm which developed
advaitasharada and adhyAtma-kAryAlaya website.

Having multiple options is good.
We have not yet reached any decision. We are finding more options, good
ones, reasonable ones.
So, please introduce any person you which you think competent.

> Anand
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