[Advaita-l] [Samskrita] Re: daxiNAmUrtti-maTha : Unicode Typesetter

श्रीमल्ललितालालितः lalitaalaalitah at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 13:42:17 CST 2016

I understand that.
I've asked people to collect digital copies of old publications.
It will take time. This is an old maTha with people scattered here and
there. So, contacting them and collecting takes time.
I'll inform here when I get some information from them.

BTW, I want to point that, many of our books were printed with old methods,
non-digital ones. We are planning to reprint them, mainly three volumes of
There is no way apart from typesetting the whole thing or OCR(if that gives
95% accuracy).
So, I'm trying to find some professional typesetter. If not that, I will go
with OCR, provided it is reliable.

Please, share your experience with preofessional type-setters(who use
Unicode fonts) and OCR(free or shareware).

Typed work will be put online, no doubt. But, for that we will need some
web-developer who could help us. The company which created advaitasharada,
never seemed responsive. We tried to contact them, just to get phone
numbers, one after another of different persons. No quotations, no clear
Please, let me know if someone could help us create a searchable website
consisting vedAnta-works published by maTha.


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