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I noticed just now that my last response in this thread dated 11 feb has
not been posted in the forum. I am therefore copying the same here again.

Sri Sadananda Ji,


Reg  << Which also implies Iswara has to coming from maayaa. The question
is whether maayaa comes first or Iswara comes first - either way
interdependence becomes a fact. >>.

This is what I am not in agreement with. The question of mutual or
interdependence is not valid in respect of inseparable entities. When a pot
is created there is no question of separately creating a potspace  The
question whether pot came first or potspace came first is not a valid
question. Same is the case with Iswara  To quote from your post

<<  he extends to IshaH - or Iswara - which he also discussed in the
earlier chapter as reflection in the suddha maayaa - I think it was done in
7th chapter or so. >>.

 “ reflection in the suddha maayaa”  is neither prior to nor later than
manifestation of suddha maayaa. There is no interdependence for their
existence  between the two. The two just are together. Just akin to pot and

 One can understand  << Bhagavan Ramauja criticizes extensively in his
Shree Bhaashya as seven untenable against avidya of Jeeva in Advaita Vedanta
. >>. The two schools of thought Advaita and Vishishtadvaita are different.
But one cannot understand if Panchadasi were to be quoted in opposition to
the school of thought advanced by Swami Vidyaranya himself.

This is my last post on the subject too.


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