[Advaita-l] Lightning the Flame of Love

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Fri Feb 12 20:30:17 CST 2016

Source: Speaking Tree, Today's Times, Author: Anadamurti Guru Maa
 Dear Friends,                         As William shakespeare said rightly that everyone came to into this Maya world to play their respective roles as father, son, brother, sister, daughter, father-in-law, mother in law, friends, cousins, loved ones and all your relatives ..etc at different times and Phases of Life. But the things is that Time is too short, the moment you started looking back and started assessing & reviewing, the another phase of life is getting started,only thing which is left is live like lotus in the muddy waters for that momentary happiness and always ignite the flame of Love in the hearts of loved one's without brining the mind in contact by keeping our lakshaya/targets intact.
Divine Love existed even before the world came into existence. It exisist today and will be there even after parlaya/kalpanta, the same was  conveyed by 'Kaka Bhushuandi' to Garuda to remove is ego/ahankara.
It is the basis of entire existence but what people does all these calculations is just for Time Pass. The same thing was nicely explained in New Testament and Gospels of Mathew & Jhon that the reason this world came into being, Why its existence, when god overwhelmed with his own love, his love overflowed with his tears forms the basis for people's existence. When the Love grows boundless, he felt the desire to be known, to be understood, to be sought.That's why he created human beings and it is the evidence of God's Love.
Always Light the flame of Love in your heart like the guru teaches the knowledge to his loved disciple. That knowledge can not be purchased/sold to any one with any materialistic things. It can Only be earned by 'Seva' bhava and it is the Divine mother's Gift to the disciple who is in need of that. If any one deserves that and it is written in his life , he will get that for sure and it is divine play of 'Parmeswara'.
I have seen many people using their heart in their signatures, but all that was non-sense, they have their own business deals, equations, vested interests and no service attitude for the Nation. For the sake of their own benefits, they are ready to suppress their juniors with the power which time has given them. But time comes around quickly.They talk ideal things for the show-up but reality is that they have the crooked mind with bad intentions about others. God is always watching them and sun & moon are the witness for all their actions.
On One Fine day every one burn in the fire of divine love, but fact is that this fire can not be out sourced. One has to kindle it that within you and yourself has to burn your ego in that fire. Nobody else can do it that for the sake of any body. Just a small spark burns down the whole house and all the goods inside.
Accordingly, a small spark of divine love is enough to annihilate the the minds of all desires, jealousy & Lust of a disciple.No one knows how and to whom it happens, but whenever and where ever it does there can not be a bigger blessing than this, which is nothing but the 'Shaktipath' can be done by a 'Veera' only who is non other than the Sir Guru, i.e DAKSHINAMURTHI SWARUPA / ANANDA BHIRAVA / BHAKTANUGRAHAKARAKA.
Atama bandhu's i.e soul mates should share the karmic bondages across the time which is the divine play of the 'Prakriti Maa' who sparks the divine love in her children.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu
with regards
Kameswara Rao

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