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This may try to answer why there is asat in this world or evil to put it precisely.But saying that the Supreme being is not opposed to sat and also  not an active supporter of asat seems to me that a definite answer is not given but trying to modify the meanings of words to suit the queries that may be asked by purvapakshin who are in doubt which are legit.Certain things can not be definitely answered.They have to be accepted as they are.We can not find solutions off hand.We can at best float theories of our own or try to convince ourselves that these things are beyond our grey matter .
Or put an a before a word to say a negation as sometimes done in Visishtadvaitham.

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> Namaste,
> Few points (based on my understanding) on this topic:
> 1. Firstly, and importantly, meaning of two words must be discussed:
>   a. "sat" - that which is good, auspicious (sadbhAva, sAdhubhAva Gita 17.26)
>   b. "asat" - that which is not "sat", opposed to "sat".
>   Some people stretch the meaning of these two words to respectively mean
>   "existence" and "non existence". In my opinion, this is unneeded and
>   also incorrect.
> 2. Now there is this recurring question that everyone asks at some point
>   of time or the other: "If God has created this world, and also sustains it,
>   how come there is place for evil in this world?" Upanishads and also Gita
>   have resolved this by declaring that the Highest Reality, para brahma,
>   is neither "sat", nor "asat".
> 3. Here in this sUkta we find a better position being taken - The Highest
>   Reality, is NOT "asat". Note this DOES NOT MEAN that Highest Reality is
>   "sat". All that it says is Highest Reality is NOT OPPOSED to "sat", in 
>   other words it is NOT AN ACTIVE SUPPORTER of "asat". So, evil continues
>   to exist, and may also seem to win in the short term, but in the long run
>   that which is auspicious triumphs.
> 4. Note that the God that we can relate to IS "sat". But this God 
>   himself/ herself is dependent on/ devoted to this Highest Reality.
> Hari Om.
> Regards,
> Shrinivas Gadkari
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