[Advaita-l] Nyaya Sudha Objections 1

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 00:22:50 CST 2016


DR. B.N.K. Sharma has written a condensed translation of Nyaya Sudha
in English.

We can discuss the objections of the Teeka Raayaru Jayatirtha and see
if his objections against Advaita are legitimate. Is he correctly
understanding Advaitis or simply finding faults?

Dvaitis think if a person has studied Nyaya Sudha he is a Dvaita
Pandita. This is the best book from the Dvaitis side.

First Adhyaya of Brahma Sutras is Samanvaya. Samanvaya is all
Upanishads are logically connected and describing Brahman only. Not
some other thing.

Here there is one objection.

Advaitis say Brahman cannot be expressed in words. If Brahman is
Avacya means cannot be expressed in words how can you talk about
Samanvaya of Srutis. You yourself said even Sruti cannot express
Brahman. Then what is there to show Samanvaya of the texts. It is a
'mockery' .

Therefore BNK Sharma is saying 'all talk of Samyak Anvaya = Samanvaya
of Sastra in Brahman would be a mockery'.

Then why is Adi Sankara writing so much about Samanvaya in his Bhashya?

How to answer this objection? Kindly think about it and reply.



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