[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Is study of Vedanta necessary?

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Bhaskarji - PraNAms

Thanks for your elaborate answer from a traditionalist point of view. 

As you mentioned - these are fundamental questions that one asks before one embarks in the study of Vedanta and discuss these in these lists to insure Advaita is the goal. 

One of the problems in the abidance of the knowledge of adviata, as Goudadapaada states, is pramaaNa samshayaH. 

The questions that are posed in many lists  are the questions that I have raised. I am posing these here to stimulate discussion of how these can be rationally answered. 

Using shaastra to justify shaastra is like bringing the cart before the horses. 

 Thanks for your opinion that these questions do not belong to these lists. My apologies to the moderators and to the members if that is so.

Hari Om!

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 Hare Krishna 
 First of all let me
 admit that I have not followed this thread and another
 thread on 'necessity of guru'  and I donot know for
 what purpose these questions being asked in this forum all
 of a sudden!!??  I am really wondering are these
  questions really appropriate and worth asking in this forum
 in which one of the purposes is to 'discuss the
 philosophy of advaita' as taught by shankara. 

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