[Advaita-l] Is study of Vedanta necessary?

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Mon Feb 1 09:11:26 CST 2016

Dear Sir,               Yes, Indeed intensive study of vedanta is essential for Self-Realizaion as Vedanta only can provide logical solutions, clarify the Tarkas . Faith only not sufficient (Exceptional cases may be there) to reach the ultimate. Some times by knowing everything we need to convince our selfs where we have not seen the thing ( I mean there is no sakshi). Vedanta only clearly differentiates subject/object relation ships.Let vedanta be Apoursheyam but it gives some direction in a situation where we stucked.Sadaji, you are the best vedanta teacher, How can we comment in which we don't have any knowledge. why I put like this, my personal experience, some years back may be in the year 2000, Swami dayananda Saraswati visited our place and spoke almost 90 minutes continiously. At that time , I was just a research scholar in the Rasayana sastra and struggling to go forward in the research work and came to conclusion to leave that work.
To be frank with you, his 90 minutes introductory lecture on vedanta made to think in the different direction and paved the path in my mind to complete my research work. My prostrations to him for keeping some much conviction and clear understanding in the words.
Hence I feel it is very much necessary for the beginners at least.
regardsKameswara Rao 

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 PraNAms to all

Question – Is intensive study of Vedanta essential for self-realization? Is not sufficient to have the faith that I am conscious-existent entity which is unchanging and I am not this body-mind and intellect which are continuously changing.  I am the essence of this universe since without I (not BMI) the very existence of the universe cannot be established. 

2. Does one need a faith that Vedanta is apourusheyam, etc. 

3. If one sees everything is nothing but the Lord – yo maam pasyati sarvatra sarvanca mayi pasyati – One who sees Me everywhere and everything in Me  ; This comes immediately after  sarva bhuutastam aatmaanam sarva bhuutanica aatmani-One who sees self in all and in oneself.  Both statements seem to be equivalent. Interestingly the statement that involves Bhakti comes after the statement that involves Janaanam- although both appear to indicate the same. 
4. What are your thoughts on these? 

Hari Om!

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