[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Works of Sri Vidyashankara

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Dear Subbuji,

I have read in some texts that Adi Shankara wrote 16 bhashyas and this is  based on Chisukhacharya's Brihatsankaravijaya. The Brihat Shankaravijaya was claimed to have been seen by some scholars  in the past. If you have any other view you may kindly share that with us.

Sunil KB

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 According Chitsukhacharya, there were 16 bhashyas written by
 Adi Shankara. 
 Dear Sunil ji,
 Could you please mention where
 Chitsukhacharya has said this and if possible what his exact
 wordings are.
 and regardssubbu

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