[Advaita-l] [advaitin] Works of Sri Vidyashankara

Sunil Bhattacharjya sunil_bhattacharjya at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 29 01:13:11 CST 2016

Namste Venkatraghavanjee. 

When one cannot be sure one should consider the most probable ones. One has to check whether the  Bhagavadgita bhashya  comes among the most probable ones.  Let us dispassionately analyze the issue. : Sri Vidyashankara became Mathadhipati in 1118 CE and Sri Ramanujacharya passed away in 1137 CE. That means Sri Vidyashankara reigned as the mathdhipati for 1137-1118 = 19 years before Sri Ramanujacharya passed away. It is not possible that such a great Advaitic scholar like Sri Vidyashankara would let Sri Ramanujacharya's Bhagavadgitabhashya go uncontested and that is why he did write the Bhagavadgita bhashya from the advaitic angle. Moreover Prof. Karmarkar pointed out that linguistically Adi Shankara's style as seen in his Brahmasutrbhashya and other bhashyas is not seen in the Bhagavadgita bhashya. Further the Pandya kings were ruling when Sri Vidyashankar went to Kanchipurama and the great Sanskrit scholar king Sundara Pandya was a contemporary of Sri Vidyashankara. This fact is also to be taken into consideration that Natalia Isayeva had pointed out the Sundara Pandya connection in the Bhagavadgitabhshya. All these make it strongly possible that the Bhagavadgitabhashya was written by Sri Vidyashankara and not by Adi Shankara. 

Please do not take it personally as I am trying my best to arrive at the truth rather than shirking it off. If you have contrary views you can also advance your arguments and there is no harm in having friendly discussions in the  scholarly forums (fora).

Sunil KB 


On Wed, 12/28/16, Venkatraghavan S <agnimile at gmail.com> wrote:

 Subject: Re: [Advaita-l] [advaitin] Works of Sri Vidyashankara
 To: "Sunil Bhattacharjya" <sunil_bhattacharjya at yahoo.com>
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 Date: Wednesday, December 28, 2016, 10:04 PM
 You are free to disagree
 with any name in the list. I don't hold this to be
 definitive - I was only replying to your question if I had a
 view on what the 16 bhAshyas referred to by Chitsukhacharya
 could be. If you have a better methodology, so be
 In any case, not
 sure how relevant this is useful in determining whether the
 GIta bhAshya was written by Shankara or not. 
 Please provide a definitive basis
 that rules it's authorship out. Until then, I will
 recuse myself from the discussion.
 On 28 Dec 2016 11:39 p.m.,
 "Sunil Bhattacharjya" <sunil_bhattacharjya at yahoo.com>
 Not only you forgot to include the Shvetasvatara Upanishad
 as well as the Yogasutrabhashyavivaraan, you forgot to
 include Adi Shankara's very first bhashya, which was on
 the Vishnusahasranama and you also forgot his very last
 bhashya, which was on the Lalita Trishati. May I request the
 other scholars including  Vidyasankar Sundaresanji,  as to
 which, according to them, are  the bhashyas, which
 constitute the list of the 16 Bhashyas of Adi Shankara.
 Sunil KB
 On Wed, 12/28/16, Sunil Bhattacharjya sunil_bhattacharjya at yahoo.com
 [advaitin] <advaitin at yahoogroups.com>
  Subject: Re: [Advaita-l] [advaitin] Works of Sri
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 <advaita-l at lists.advaita-
 vedanta.org>, "V Subrahmanian" <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com>,
 "yahoogroups" <advaitin at yahoogroups.com>
  Date: Wednesday, December 28, 2016, 12:18 PM
        Namaste Venkatraghavanji.
  How can you exclude Shankara-bhashyas on the
  upnaishad and the Yogabhashyavivarana, just because the
  Vaninilas press did not include these two in the list of
  Shankara-bhashyas. I cannot imagine that Shankara did
  look at the Yogasutra and the seshvara-Sankhya.as needed
  higher studies on Indian philosophy.
  Secondly,  there is a doubt on the Vakyabhashya being a
  of Adi Shankara. There is a paper on that, but I do not
  recall the detials. Moreover there was some discussion on
   in the "advaita group" as follows:
 org/archives/advaita-l/2009- June/021911.html
  As regards the book entitled "Shankara And Indian
  Philosophy" of Natalia Isayeva, it is published by
  State University of New York Press. Albany. I read from
  sunil KB
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  On Wed, 12/28/16, Venkatraghavan S
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  Subject: Re: [Advaita-l] [advaitin] Works of Sri
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  <advaita-l at lists.advaita-
 vedanta.org>, "V
  Subrahmanian" <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com>
   Date: Wednesday, December 28, 2016, 11:30 AM
   Sunilji,I'm replying to both emails
   1) The vANi vilAs Press, which brought out a
   collection of AchArya's works under the aegis of
   SacchidAnanda ShivAbhinava Nrsimha BhArati svAminah,
   the following as bhAshyas:1)
   Brahmasutra-bhashya2) Isa3) Kena
   pada4) Kena vAkya5) KaTha6)
   7) MuNDaka8) MANDUkya9) Aitareya
   10) Taittiriya11) ChhAndogya
   12) BrihadAraNyaka13) NrisimhapUrvatApani
   14) Bhagavad-GitA-bhAshya
   15) VishNusahasranAma16) SanatsujAtiya
   From the above, the number according to vAni
   vilAs ties in with the number referred to by
   chitsukhAchArya. If there is a bhAshya that is left
   the list above which can take the place of the gIta
   please let us know.  2) Can't comment
   on language differences between gIta bhAshya and the
   would have to see specific examples to opine. If you
   provide instances from Prof. Karmakar's paper to
   list, we all can take a look. I'm suspicious of
   philological research, but will keep an open
   3) Not having read Nataliya  Isayeva's
   paper, I do not understand in what context the comment
   adhyAropa apavAda was made. This is a common prakriya
   all vedAnta shAstra in general, and not something that
   unique to the gIta bhAshya. Also not sure about the
   sundarapANDya reference. If there is a peculiarity
   way it is used in the BGB which is indicative of
   work, please share that with the group. Why would
   that rule out Shankara's authorship in any
   4) Please can you point which verse number from
   the GK is supposedly from the expanded gItA, and
   from the gItA bhAshya?
   5) On yAdavaprakAsha, you were questioning the
   authorship of the ShAnkara Gita bhAshya based on a
   subsequent bhAshya by yAdavaprakAsha referred to
   by VedAnta deshika. If you do not believe in the first
   instance that yAdavaprakAsha wrote a bhAshya, that
   of Shankara's authorship on that basis also falls
   On 28 Dec 2016 4:54
   p.m., "Sunil Bhattacharjya"
  <sunil_bhattacharjya at yahoo.com
   > wrote:
   Dear Venkatji,
   According Chitsukhacharya, there were 16 bhashyas
   Adi Shankara. Has anybody tried to identify these 16
   bhashyas of Adi Shankara? Can the Bhagavad Gitabhashya
   in the 16 Bhashyas?
   Secondly there is the language style of the
   Bhagavadgitabhashya, from which some scholars opined
   Bhagavadgitabhashya does not appear to a composition
   Thirdly, why would Adi Shankara write bhashya on the
   Bhagavadgita of 700 verses when the original
   745 verses was available to him, as we can see the
   of thy ajati ada verse from the Bhagavadgita in the
   Mandukyakarika  by Gaudapadacharya.
   Now coming to Yadavaprakasha, I still have one doubt,
   his writing the Bhagavadgitabhshya, until some
   is seen. Just claiming that Yadavaprakasha wrote a
   on the Bhagavad gita is not worth accepting. 
   Ramanujacharya is believed to have seen the
   on the Bhagavadgita, which is claimed to be the
   for Ramanujacharya, but that claim also appears dicey,
   nowhere any trace of that Bodhayanavriti has been
   Swami Vivekananda also tried his best by searching for
   all over India.
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   Wed, 12/28/16, Venkatraghavan S via Advaita-l
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   ta.org> wrote:
    Subject: Re: [Advaita-l] [advaitin] Works of Sri
    To: "V Subrahmanian"
  <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com>
    Cc: "A discussion group for Advaita
   <advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedan
    Date: Wednesday, December 28, 2016, 6:25 AM
    Thanks Subbuji.
    So yAdavaprakAsha wrote a commentary to the
    Brahma SUtra also, one that was
    referred to
    by Sri RAmanuja.
    clear from this that using yAdavaprakAsha to claim
    who wrote the Brahma SUtra bhAshya
    is different from the Shankara who wrote
    Bhagavad Gita bhAshya is not with merit - because
    yAdavaprakAsha wrote
    a commentary to the BS
    What applies for the
    Gita, applies for the BS too, so shall we say
    did not write the bhAshya to BS also?
    On 28
    Dec 2016 1:15 p.m., "V Subrahmanian"
  <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com>
    > On Wed, Dec 28, 2016 at 4:43 PM,
    Venkatraghavan S <agnimile at gmail.com>
    > wrote:
    >> Namaste Sri Sunil,
    >> Are there extant
    works of yAdavaprakAsha to determine if he was an
    >> advaitin, or if this was simply a
    hagiographical attribution by
    vishiShTAdvaita scholars?
    >> Regards,
    > Dear Sri Venkat
    > Recently there
    was a discussion in the BVP forum where eminent
    > follower-scholars have said that the
    Yadavaprakaśa bhāṣya for the
    Brahmasutras, though not available in its original
    cited in
    > Ramanuja's bhāsya. There
    is a proposed project to reconstruct Y's
    > philosophy from the Śrībhāṣya. The
    discussion also gives room to think of
    >  'Śankara's matam' as
    distinct from 'Yādavaprakāśa's
    So, what
    > hue of Advaita was that of the
    latter is not clearly known to us. But the
    > proposed reconstruction, if it happens,
    would bring these aspects to the
    > warm
    > subbu
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