[Advaita-l] avaccheda, abhaasa and pratbimba vaadas

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Chandramouliji and Subbuji 

Thanks for your inputs. I am just looking back in terms of what is the best way to illustrate the appearance and the underlying substantive without  presumed limitations, even if they are not stated in the commentaries. 

Hari Om!Sadanandda

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Namaste Sri Sadananda Ji,

Abhaasa implies proximity. Redness of a flower is observed to be
superimposed on a crystal only when the red flower is in close proximity to
the crystal. Thus in Abhaasa vaada Chaitanyam pervading the mind only (not
the entire Chaitanyam) is considered to result in its Abhaasa in the mind.
Hence the तत्  (tat) in the mahAvAkya तत्वमसि (tatvamasi) representative of
the sAkshi refers only to the part of the Chaitanyam pervading the mind
only.In order to extend its identity with entire Chaitanyam/Brahan for
establishing the Brahma-Atma ekatva, recourse has to be made to the
pot-space and Space  illustration. Thus there is no difference in this
regard between AbhAsa vaada and avacheda vaada as to the need to resort to
the pot-space and Space illustration.

However in the pratibimba vaada it is Chaitanyam as such which is
of the तत् (tat) in the mahAvAkya  तत्वमसि  (tatvamasi). Hence there is no
need for the use of the pot-space and Space illustration in this vaada for
establishing the Brahma-Atma ekatva.

Thus as between Abhasa vaada and pratibimba vaada, the need for the
pot-space and Space illustration could be considered a limitation of the
Abhasa vaada if at all. But I do confess I have not come across any
commentary where this is considered a limitation whether in respect of
AbhAsa vaada or avachEda vaada.

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