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Chandramouliji - ghtaakaasha example that Goudapada give is used in essence. The question pertains to the type of enclosure in relation to the consciousness - subtle vs gross. 

However, this vaada does not make distinction while the abhaasa vaada does in separating the reflecting media. That forms the limitation of the avachcheda vaada.
Hari Om!Sadananda

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Namaste Sri Sadananda Ji,

Reg  << Avaccheda vaada - pot space example - seems to ignore the
enclosures - conscious or inert entities.>>,

Space pervades everything. Pot is enveloped by space, pot envelops space
and even the material of pot is pervaded by space. Hence pot (including the
material of which it is made)  does not disturb the continuity of space.
Hence pot-space is nondifferent from space as such. This serves as an
illustration in the case of Chaitanyam at the vyAvahArika level. From the
vyAvahArika standpoint, Chaitanyam as associated with mind  (sAkshi)
“appears” to be different (like pot space) from the allpervading Chaitanyam
itself even though Chaitanyam pervades mind also. Evenso it is nondifferent
from the allpervading Chaitanyam just like pot-space and space. This is
apart from the fact that mind is only an “appearance” (superimposition) in
Chaitanyam and hence from the pAramArthika standpoint in any case there is
no such entity as sAkshi.

I have tried to present my views as I understand your question. I hope my
understanding of your question is correct.

I am not clear about your observation concerning abhAsa and pratibimba.

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