[Advaita-l] Fw: Why did Krishna said that he was unable to repeat Gita?

H S Chandramouli hschandramouli at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 04:14:26 CST 2016

Namaste Sri Venkatraghavan Ji,

Reg  << While Br. Up. 4.4.22 says that the adhikAri should take up
vividiShA sannyAsa, does it also mean that only adhikAris take up vividiShA
sannyAsa? Or alternatively, does it mean, that only the sannyAsa taken up
by adhikAris can be called vividiShA sannyAsa? >>,

I am not sure if your question is rhetorical or you expect a response.
After some hesitation I thought I might as well respond, at least to
complete the discussion.

In my understanding vividisha sanyasa is not a category of sanyasa,  but
sAdhanAs being followed  by a sAdhaka taking to sanyasa after reaching a
certain  stage in his sadhana marga. Hence the latter alternative in your
question is correct except that the adhikAri could already have taken to
sanyasa to reach this stage or it could be an adhikari in a diferent
ashrama taking to sanyasa at this stage of his sAdhana. The requirement is
that the sAdhaka should have developed this vividisha for atmajnana.

Reg  << Swami Paramarthananda interprets karmasanyAsa as vividiShA
sannyAsa, paramArthajnAna sannyAsa / jnAna apeksha sannyAsa / sAnkhya as
vidvat sannyAsa. and thus interprets BG 5.2 to say karmayoga is superior to
vividishA sannyAsa.>>,

I have not listened to this talk by Sri SP. I can only make a guess. Sri SP
obviously considers vividisha sanyasa as the sanyasa taken  prior to
vividisha and which leads to vividisha (I have defined it as sanyasa
taken  post
vividisha). Hence he equates karmasanyasa with vividisha sanyasa. Similarly
his definition for vidvat sanyasa appears to be that which leads to vidvat
or vidya (jnAna). Thus vidvat sanyasa in his terminology is what I have
referred to as vividisha sanyasa. But you will notice that except for
terminology the content is the same as what I have also said. When he
interprets BG 5.2 to say karmayoga is superior to vividishA sannyAsa, it
corresponds to my statement that karmayoga is superior to karmasanyasa. You
have not mentioned what Sri SP has said concerning vidvat sanyasa vis-à-vis
karmayoga. That would be of interest. My guess is he would have mentioned
the superiority of vidvat sanyasa to karmayoga which will then be the same
as my statement that vividisha sanyasa is superior to karmayoga. You need
to confirm. Just to complete the definitions part, in my understanding
vidvat sanyasa refers to sanyasa post jnAna.

Reg  << The bhAshya of BG 5.5 addresses your point "The reason why
vividisha sanyAsa is considered superior to karmayoga is because of the
superiority of the ultimate goal that is achievable through it." >>,

I am not able to makeout if  in your understanding  the bhAshya confirms my
view or denies it.


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