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Mon Dec 12 23:28:28 CST 2016

Hare Krishna

I heard in Margashirsha Masa the Full Moon will be near Mruga Sira Nakshatra. This means Head of Mruga. What is this Mruga? It is Head of Brahmaa. How? When he created his daughter he became very desirous of her and approached her. But she became afraid and took the shape of a female deer. She tried to run away from Brahmaa. But he became a male deer and chased her and tried to mate with her. But Siva became very angry to see this. He became a Hunter and shot an arrow to cut the Head of the Male Deer mating with his daughter. This Head of the Male Deer is Mruga Sira Nakshatra.

>  Very interesting.  May I know which purANa narrates this story??  And what is chaturmukha brahma's daughter's name here in this story ??  is it vAni (saraswati)??  It is interesting to note that as per  the hindu mythology a lustful act by someone would fetch him the status of star !!  Dhruva, Arundhati, saptarshi mandala  etc. got this nakshatra status through their bhakti, jnana, pious act  etc. whereas mrugashira nakshatra came into existence by the licentious act of brahmadeva :-) Or is this allegory  a symbolical explanation of some adhyAtma vidyA??  Not sure.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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