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> The first requirement for takingup Brahmavidya is  gaining
> sadhanachatushtaya. Sri Krishna states in BG Ch 5 that there are two paths
> for reaching this stage namely karmasanyasa and karma yoga. The sanyasa
> mentioned here is not for embarking upon Brahmavidya by a sadhaka but only
> to acquire sadhanachatushtaya which entitles him (adhikaritva) to take to
> Brahmavidya subsequently. In this path the sAdhaka renounces karma and
> takes to sanyasa with a view to achieve adhikaritva.

This does not seem right to me, since there is no way to earn adhikAritva
than nityanaimmitika karma, that too with niShkAmabhAva. That being so,
sannyAsa is never a means to achieve adhikAritva. The last karma for a
sannyAsi is विराजहोम wherein he renounces the right to karma. Thence,
sannyAsi has no adhikAra in karma and he loses the only means to earn the
adhikAritva, defeating the purpose of [vividiShA] sannyAsa. Bhashyakara
confirms this under Gita shloka 5.2 by qualifying the word सन्यासात् as
केवलात् संन्यासात् कर्मयोगः विशिष्यते, thereby saying that karmayoga is
better than mere sannyAsa, which is that sannyAsa taken without
adhikAritva. This was already said by Bhagavan in 3.4 so: न
कर्माणामनरम्भात् नैष्कर्म्यं पुरुषोऽश्नुते।

> Thus there is really no problem in understanding the two terms karmasanyasa
> and karmaphalasanyasa. They are two alternatives available to the sadhaka
> for acquiring sadhanachatushtaya.

karmasannyAsa without sAdhanachAtuShTaya is not prescribed; since its a
sure way to ruins. Else karmayoga would not be better than sannyAsa. The
only reason it is, is because karmayoga is means to chittashuddhi, while
sannyAsa is not. There are only two reasons to take sannyAsa: one due to
आत्मानं वेदितुम् इच्छा विविदिषा desire to know the self, and the other due
to आत्मानं वेत्ति जानाति इति विद्वत् being knower of the self. There is no
third valid reason I am aware of (unless one takes to Purvamimamsaka's
reason for sannyAsa being physically unfit for karma or the sannyAsa taken
on one's death bed for higher गति as per some).

--Praveen R. Bhat
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