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On Tue, 29 Nov 2016, Shrinivas Gadkari via Advaita-l wrote:

> - The month of Margashirha corresponds to the period when Sun enters into
>  dhanu rASi - that is when sun as seen from the Earth is in the region
>  of the Galactic center. This month is singled out in Gita (10.35).
>  This is very interesting - I have always wondered what is so special
>  about the month of Margashirha.

Ingenious but there is a simpler explanation for why Krishna Bhagavan says 
mAsAnAM mArgashIrSho.aham.

The Margashirsha purnima is when the agrahAyaNeShTi is performed by 
shrautis.  It is the first observance of the Vedic year so Margashirsha 
can be considered the first month according to that cycle.

(However among the seasons, vasanta which the gItA calls kusumAkara is 
considered the first.)

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