[Advaita-l] Sringeri recognized as first Math by Kanchi?

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On p.52 of A History of Indian Philosophy, Volume 4 By Surendranath
Dasgupta, on the chapter of 'Madhva and his school', it is stated that
Udupi is about 40 miles from Sringeri where there was a celebrated Maṭha of
Shankara. Again, on p.53, it is said that Madhva had a long fight with
Shānkarites of the Sringeri monastery. Further, on p.54, it is mentioned
that Madhva was persecuted by one Padma Tirtha, the head of the Sringeri
monastery.   Dasgupta admits Madhva's period which ended in 1276 AD. We do
not know from where Dasgupta got these connections with Sringeri although
he refers to the Madhva Vijaya while doing so.


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>  Looks like the Kanchi Kamakoti Math recognizes that the Sringeri Math was
> the first and original Math established by Adi Sankara!
> http://www.kamakoti.org/miscl/adi.html
> Sri Adi Sankara
> In their travels, they reached Sringeri in Karnataka, which is on the
> banks of Tungabadra. While Sri Sankara and Mandana Mishra were walking,
> Sarasawani did not move and stood fixed in the sands of Tungabadra. Sri
> Sankara turned back and realised by his divine powers that Sarasawani did
> not want to proceed any further and created a seat for her for spreading
> the Advaita. This seat is today called the Sharada Peetham or the Seat of
> Sharada. This was the first Mutt installed by Sri Sankara, with the
> direction that all the heads of the Mutts will be called Sankaracharayas
> and they will have a lineage of Shishyas or disciples.
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