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I can see that ignorancebeing the cause of projection and that answers why and what of vikShepa.
Sada: In deep sleepthere is ignorance but no vikshpa since it is total ignorance of every thing -akhanda aakaara ajnana vritti says vidyaranya. 

Hence it is not completeignorance but partial ignorance for adhyaasa to occur.  Shankaraemphasizes this in his adhyaasa bhaashya - satyaanRita mithuneekaranamadhyaasam - there is mixing up of some truth (due to knowledge) and someuntruth due to ignorance. The capacity to project untruth (snake) on the truth(there is an object there with some attributes - 5 ft long, soft to touch andis in the alley, etc) is vikshepa.

Same thing happens inthe dream projection where jiiva vikshepa operates. Ignorance is that I am awaker (just as ignornace that I am Brahman) sleeping in AC room in a soft bedin the dark room. Vikshepa is I am in a forest with lot of thorns with trees,mountains and rivers and being chased by a hungry tiger while the scorching Sunis there in the sky.

 That brings tonext doubt, how is that Iswara has only vihshEpa but not ignorance. What isiswara projecting and why? 

Sada: Simple answer is -Good question - we have to ask that Iswara only since scriptures say that hedoes not have avidya and he is creating by his maaya shakti. Some say He ishaving fun – leela vibhuti at our expense!

That question getresolved when I gain the knowledge that - what is there is only - aatma andanaatma. aatma is Brahman (infinite) and anatma is therefore is only apparentand not real - or mithyaa. That is the knowledge - brahma satyam, jagan mithyaaand jeevo brahma eva na aparaH. No separate Iswara to ask the question. 

Temporary satisfyinganswer (to me) is - I went to gold shop to buy a ring - Gold smith was alsothere (he is sarvajnaH from gold ornaments reference - nimitta kaarana).Unfortunately, I could not find a ring that I want even though there arehundreds of varieties of rings displayed.  I asked the Gold smith - sirwhy are making all these useless rings, why didn't you make the ring that Iwant which is more beautiful. Gold smith said, I have to make those rings notfor my sake but to satisfy the demands of all my customers. Nobody wantsthe type of ring that you like. If you want I can make for you but it wouldcost a lot. If all people like the same type that you like then I will makeonly those. I have to satisfy the demand of all jeevas because of theirvaasanas. I have no likes or dislike. It is my glory that I can make anythingthat is needed. 

Hence Krishna says -Arjuna my glories are unlimited. I have only given you some sample of these inthe 10th ch. All are in Me but I am not in them - and I am untouched by theirproblems - Look at my glory Arjuna - pasyan me yogamaiswaram. 

Hari Om!Sadananda



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