[Advaita-l] A different way to understand Brahma Sutra Janmadyasya Yatah

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This means the original sutra must be
जन्मः आद्यस्य यतः


जन्म आद्यस्य यतः

किन्तु लुप्त विसर्ग संदर्भे सवर्णदीर्घसन्धिः न भवति।

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> Namaste
> जन्माद्यस्य यतः इति सूत्रेण शिवस्यैव बोधो भवति।
> The knowledge of Siva is given by the Sutra Janmadyasya Yatah. Why?
> We have to split the words like this.
> जन्म आद्यस्य यतः
> From Him there is the birth of The First One Adya.
> Who is the First One Adya? It is Vishnu. Adya is one name of Vishnu.
> He is the first one and from Him there was a Lotus and in that Lotus
> Brahma was born. Then Brahma created the Universe. There are many many
> Pramanas for this.
> Who is left in the Trimurtis? Siva.
> Therefore the meaning of the Sutra is From Siva there is the birth of
> the First One Adya Vishnu. From Vishnu Brahma and from Brahma the
> Universe was created.
> Siva is therefore the Para Brahman of Vedanta.
> --
> Regards
> -Venkatesh
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