[Advaita-l] Dialogues with the Guru - HH Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati Mahasvaminah

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Sun Aug 21 06:32:22 CDT 2016

 Venkatraghavanji - PraNams
It was a divine injunction to overcome the so-many devilish posts on the nature of parabrahman- whether it is Shiva or Vishnu - The number of posts is overwhelming.  

Shiva word is there in the Vishusaharanaamavali - and in the mantra 7 of Mandukya - indicating auspiciousness and Vishnu meaning vyaapakatvam - in the parabrahman there cannot be divsions or distinctions of any kind. The rest is only for upaasana.

Your post is therefore divine intervention in the flood of devilish arguments. 

ThanksHari Om!Sadananda


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Oh it is devas! I was wondering why there were so many references to devils!
Thanks for pointing out.


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