[Advaita-l] Rudra creates Brahmā and Viṣṇu

D Gayatri dgayatrinov10 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 05:16:22 CDT 2016

> All your arguments and quotes are very inconsistent with the advaita principle.

So you think the works that I quoted do not belong to Shankara or
Vyasa? Does the BSB not belong to Shankara? Does the Mbh not belong to

> When it suits you, you invoke oneness of deities, and when it does not, you invoke supremacy of your deity (apparently Vishnu).

To my knowledge, I never invoked oneness of deities. You are merely
assuming things. In fact, the above argument is applicable to the
opposite party. They thoroughly denigrate Vishnu first and in the end
they claim that all deities are one and the same.

> I dont think the intentions with which you argue have any purpose.

I dont think your post to me has any purpose either except to denigrate me.

> All the while you kept claiming "shankara claimed so and so is supreme"..now when you are shown that Shankara also claimed something contrary to your view...you say he "would not have."

The opponents were quoting from the VSN bhAshya, which I have always
doubted is an authentic work of Shankara. That's why I kept confined
myself to his universally accepted authentic works like BSB, BU
bhAshya etc.

> Like Kartik pointed out, you dont seem to be prepared to accept that all arguments and participants have to follow the same set of rules.

Can you list out what rules that I did not follow?

> Politely, it would be beneficial if you would withdraw from posting more on Vishnu is Supreme argument as I believe you started the pointless excercise.

This is what I do not understand. When Shiva is talked of as supreme
and Vishnu is denigrated, it does not bother you. Why does it bother
you so much if the opposite point of view is presented?

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