[Advaita-l] Shankara authenticates Shiva

D Gayatri dgayatrinov10 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 01:35:56 CDT 2016

>>  NB, being nishkriya, cannot take any avatAra. So, the contention that
>> Narayana in this context is NB, does not hold any water.
> With Maya as upadhi it can do all that. Shankara has said that too.

WIth Maya as upadhi, it becomes Ishwara and not NB! That means it is
our very own popular Narayana.

> So what? The karma kanda, for example is not conveying advaitic message. Yet
> Shankara has established an ekavākyatā with it in the BUB and all other
> bhashyas. That does not mean he treats it as chaff. Without that grain it is
> impossible to attain advaita, as per shankara.

This is completely irrelevant to the discussion.

> He has already encapsulated this in the purvapaksha 'many purushas or one?'
> the non-advaitic schools have treated this part as an indictment of advaita.

I dont worry about the non-advaitic schools.

> Sampradayavit Sayana's bhashya does not approve this. Other's views are to
> be rejected as those of murkha as per Shankaracharya's teaching in the BGB.

But Shankara's own quotes praising the supremacy of Vishnu are in
perfect harmony with that reading of RV. Hence that reading of RV
verse, as translated by Ralph Griffith is perfectly in tune with

>> The BU. 1.4.11 says Rudra-pashupathi is a created entity.
> This mantra admits Vishnu as a created entity. This 'Rudra' is Vishnu, as
> vaishnavas hold the name Rudra to mean vishnu.

Nowhere does Shankara bring in Vishnu here.

>> The Satapatha Brahmana and Kaushitaki Brahmana say that Rudra is born
>> from Prajapati.
> They are arthavadas. The MB says prajapati and Vishnu are born of Rudra

They are not mere arthavadas, but show Rudra as born from brahma. Same
is mentioned in Mbh. By quoting this portion, Shankara authenticates

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