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On Tue, Aug 16, 2016 at 4:18 PM, D Gayatri <dgayatrinov10 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I verified the commentary of Sri Madhvacharya and Sri Madhva says this
> verse is present in the Mahabharata. Since he is explicit about it,
> the Mahabharata,

Even I thought, before posting, that Madhva says it is from the MB by
seeing the last word there:

Sanskrit Commentary By Sri Madhavacharya:

।।11.37 -- 11.40।।कथं स्थाने इति तदाह -- कस्मादित्यादिना। पूर्णश्चासावात्मा
चेति महात्मा। आत्मशब्दश्चोक्तो भारते -- यच्चाप्नोति यदादत्ते यच्चात्ति
विषयानिह। यच्चास्य सन्ततो भावस्तस्मादात्मेति भण्यते इति। तत्परं सदसतः
सच्चैव च यद्विश्वं सदसतः परम्। [म.भा.1।1।23] इति भारते।

But before posting I had another look and realized that there is another
quotation, maybe only half verse, apart from the one that I am looking for,
and the reference MB is perhaps for that latter one.  Hence I did not
mention anything about the MB. Neither did I find that other verse in the
MB 1.1.23. Anyway my interest is in the first verse alone.

One may see if there is a different reading in any other edition of the
LP.  The one I checked in is





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