[Advaita-l] Rudram - Vedic references

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Mon Aug 15 15:13:57 CDT 2016

SrI Shashi,

Namaste. While svaras are not present in laukika saMskrita currently, there
is evidence that the udAtta, anudAtta, svarita classification was present
in laukika "bhAshA" also in earlier times (vide the sUtra-s "uccair
udAttaH", "nIcair anudAttaH", "samAhAra svaritaH" etc in pANini's
ashTAdhyAyI ). I do not know when it vanished from laukika usage, though.


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> If it's an addition, that's alright, but
> why is it recited with svara accents? I thought svara accents were unique
> to mantras actually in the Vedic canon, like the rest of Sri Rudra and Sri
> Chamaka.
> Shashi
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