[Advaita-l] Shankara authenticates Shiva as the son of Brahma

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> //There he is talking about Rudra, an amsha of Lord Shiva. The amshA is
> created, not the amshi. That does not mean that he holds Shiva himself to
> be a created entity.//
> If that is your reading, then so be it. From my perspective, I do not find
> evidence to support your reading. Birth of Rudra is mentioned even in Sruti
> like Satapatha and Kausitaki brahmanas.

The Mahabharatha has the story of how Rudra was crowned Pashupati. It is
after taking into consideration his capabilities that were demonstrated in
the past that this was done and he agreed to be their pati. It is an
already existing Rudra that is crowned and not a one born afresh. The
Br.up. should be seen in this light. Varuna, for instance is already there.
He is admitted as the pati of the aquatics. There are also shrutis that
talk of Vishnu's birth also from Shiva.

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