[Advaita-l] Shiva consuming hAlAhala - an interpolation in samudra manthana

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Thu Aug 11 06:27:33 CDT 2016

The Keshi suktam is what is referred to by them. They hold that Vāyu
diluted or rid the poison of its original potency to enable Shiva to drink
it. But the Keshi suktam has been interpreted by Sayana without bringing
this episode into it at all. It is a hymn to Surya according to him.


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> Namaste
> In some Madhva descriptions I heard Vaayu and Rudra Devaru both drink the
> poison and they are giving a Vedic reference for this.
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> > Is not the Ramayana an important work, as important as the Mahabhartha?
> If
> > there are different readings of the Ramayana maybe a search there could
> be
> > made, like the MB.
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