[Advaita-l] Question about karma yoga

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> Dears
> Jnani continues to do the Karmas at least  Nithya Karmas and Nymithika
> Karmas as long as he is embodied which is due to his prarabdham.

True, it has been discussed at length in this forum, that jnAni karma
cannot be seen as *karma* as it is like burnt seeds ( incapable of
sprouting) and merely have the appearance, as there is no trace of avidya
kAma karma, avidya - having been destroyed by Brahma vidya (paramArtha

In paramArtha jnAnam itself, where there is no question of creation (ekam
eva adviteeyam sath svarUpam), there can be no question of any karma

> He will be performing these as a Yogi.Deham is given to the Jiva to
> exhaust the Karmas which were done with attachments.Now after this karma
> yogi posture he will not be reborn.
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