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Appears to be a far fetched meaning obtained by text torturing.


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> Dear friends,
> I wish to put before you the  following verse in Garuda Purana telling us
> what Ishvara-chintana is :
> स्तुतिस्मरणपुजादिवाङ्मनःकायकर्मभिः ।अनिश्चलाहरौ भक्तिरेतदीश्वरचिन्तनम् ॥
> The use of the word अनिश्चला seems to suggest use of unusual or higher
> semantics. The Sanskrit scholars of this group  is aware  that निश्चला
> भक्ति means steady or unwavering devotion and अनिश्चला भक्ति should then
> mean wavering devotion, but that does not properly fit in this verse. Some
> scholars have suggested that it should be सुनिश्चला in place of अनिश्चला.
> My feeling that finding fault with a text of pre-Paninian Vedic Sanskrit is
> not proper. Looking at the other meanings of the word "निश्चला" I find that
> it means "the Earth", as shown below:
> <http://www.sanskrit-lexicon.uni-koeln.de/monier/>
>  निश्चला
> (H3) निश्--चल [p= 542,3] [L=107415] mf(आ)n. motionless , immovable , fixed
> , steady , invariable , unchangeable  MBh.   Ka1v.   &c  (H3B) निश्--चला
> [L=107416] f. the earth  L.  (H3B) निश्--चला [L=107417] f. Desmodiuni
> Gangeticum  L.
> This could then imply that the Purana text used अनिश्चला भक्ति to mean
> unearthly devotion, i.e. to mean devotion not for earthly or material gain
> or progress but for spiritual progress. With this semantics the verse can
> be translated into English as follows:
> "Vocal, mental and bodily activitiesincluding praise of the Lord Hari,
> remembering / chanting the LordHari's names and performing the rituals of
> worship as well asspiritual devotion to (or faith in) Lord Hari is called
> theIshwara-chintana or contemplation on the Lord".
> I shall look forward to what the learned members have to say  on this.
> Regards,
> Sunil KB
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