[Advaita-l] Please Clear this basic doubt

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Harsha Bhat - PraNAms.

It is very simple - Brahman is sat chit ananda - or satyam-jnaanam-anantam. These are only indicatary definitions since Brahman being a) infinite b) cannot be defined - Hence scriptures says na vaak gachcchati na manaH - mind nor the speech can reach there and yat gatvaana nivartante apraapya manasaa saH - having gone there it returns back along with the mind (without reaching the goal of defining). Hence these words - sat - pure existence , chit- pure consciousness and ananda - infinite-ness are only pointers for a seeker to discard that which is changing, that which is inert and that which is limited. 

Categorization is possible if there are more than one. Being infinite it is one without a second - No comparison or non-relatable.
Please see the definition of Brahman provided in the Mundaka Up. that I just posted recently. 
One should have faith in the statements of the scriptures to uplift the mind in the direction that is pointed out.
Hope this helps.
Hari Om!

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   Brahman is sat-chit-ananda
 That means,chit is brahman...or in other words,chit is not
 mithya but it is
 sathya...or very brahman...
 So,in advaita chit is sathya...that means brahman can be
 chit swarupi...
 If brahman is chit swarupi,how can brahman is 
 As unpanishad says brahman is non-categorisable....
 Harsha  Bhat
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