[Advaita-l] MithyA and AbhAva chatuShTaya - Vaadiraaja's Nyayaratnavali Slokas 43-46

Harsha Bhat harsha9519 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 05:18:13 CDT 2015

Venkatesh Murthy Sir,

      You said in one of your previous mails that...

The Visistadvaitis also agree there is one Reality Qualifed by Cit and
Acit. But if Advaitis say the Cit and Acit are Mithyaa only but not
real this they do not accept.

My question is ,you said in advaitha Chit is mithya....

That means sat-CHIT-ananda (Brahman) is also mithya..as it has chit...that
means even BRAHMAN IS MITHYA according to advaitha !!!!!

Then advaitha Changes to bhudhists Shunya vada !!!!...

So Please elaborate on this part ....

Harsha Bhat

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