[Advaita-l] Who is shrotriya brAhmaNa ??

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To add further, would a non Braahmana qualify as a Guru?
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> I asked this doubt in FB.  Posting here also for want of more view points / clarification.
> who is shrotriya ?? I always get this doubt whenever I see modern day veda and vedAnta scholars who also engaged themselves in material pursuits like working in software companies, as scientists, engineers etc. and talks about other subjects as fluently as they can in veda-s and vedAnta. I am not saying or implying that a shrOtriya should always breath in and breath out only veda / vedAnta and shAstra nothing else.. but what I am thinking is can the modern day scholars who have equal fluency in shAstra as well as material science be called shrOtriya-s ?? As we know shruti says for brahma jnAna we have to approach a shrotriya brahmanishTa guru ("sa gurumevAbhigacchet shrotriyam brahmaniShTham") while it is difficult to recognize a brahmanishTa guru, it is also becoming difficult to notice a shrotriya. Has our shAstra anywhere explains about external appearance of a shrotriya?? whether he has to always wear an attire that is permitted and prescribed in tradition i.e. always wearing dhOti (pancha kaccha, upaveeta without wearing the stitched pants & shirts etc.) traditional mark on forehead, strict adherence to the vedic rituals etc.?? If these external appearances are completely absence in a person but effectively and deligently conveys the purports of shAstra-s like any traditiional Acharya, can we accept this person, who is dependent on some other work/profession other than vaidika karma for his livelihood and wears jeans & t-shirts, shorts, burmuda-s etc. a shrOtriya?? or he is mere academic who learnt the shAstra-s like any other material science and the socalled veda and vedAnta jnAna and his skills and eloquence in that subject are mere EXTRA data that he stored in his mind along with other materealistic knowledge ?? I request the esteemed friends / prabhuji-s to share their thoughts on this subject.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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