[Advaita-l] mithyA and abhAva chatuShTaya

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In the Mandukya Karika Sri Gaudapada has said 'Adavante Ca Yan Nasti
Vartamane'pi Tattatha'. The thing not existing in the beginning and
end but only in the middle present time is not existing now also. If a
thing has a Pragabhava प्रागभाव before and a Pradhvamsabhava
प्रधव्ंसाभाव after it gets destroyed ignorant people think it is
existing in the middle period. But Sri Gaudapada has said even in the
middle period also it is not existing. Therefore the words like
प्रागभाव and प्रध्वंसाभाव have no meaning.

The word Abhava अभाव also is meaningless Paramarthataha परमार्थतः.
Why? Because you can say something is absent if it is different from
Sat. But Sat is never absent and there is nothing different from it
and only Sat is there.

On Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 7:07 AM, Durga Janaswamy via Advaita-l
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> मिथ्या  and  अभाव चतुष्टय
> mithyA  is characterized by abhAva  chatuShTaya
> abhAva chatuShTaya are
> 1. prAgabhAva  प्रागभाव
> 2. pradhavMsAbhAva  प्रधव्ंसाभाव
> 3. anyonyAbhAva   अन्योन्याभाव
> 4. atyantAbhAva  अत्यन्ताभाव
> Please explain abhAva chatuShTaya and mithyA.   What is the exact sentence used to say that mithyA has abhAva chatuShTaya?
> thank you and regards
> -- durga prasad
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