[Advaita-l] Homage to Late S N Sastri

balagopal ramakrishnan rbalpal at yahoo.co.in
Wed Oct 28 01:44:24 CDT 2015

Late Sastri Ji's translation & commentary is the first  copy of 'Narayaneeyam' I bought. The book was published in early 80's by Chinmaya mission. Many many years later when I had his acquaintance I realised the depth of his knowledge in Vedanta. Yesterday as a tribute to him I went through the introduction of the book written by himself. The book has an interesting forward by Swami Chinmayanada Ji too. In the introduction, Sastri Ji, had highlighted the superiority of 'Bhakthi Yoga' over 'karma and jnana'. This single aspect kept him grounded to the realities of the world and he always responded with his heart, emotionally in all 'vyavahara'. 
Sometime in 2010 I was surprised to find an exceptionally emotion filled post from Sastri Ji in another group devoted to 'Guruvayurappan'.  It was soon after his wife had passed away after years of suffering severe and acute arthritis and blindness that happened after a brief illness. The post was simply coming from a person who was only a devotee of the Lord without any tinge of his 'jnanam'. The depth and width and intensity of the 'jnanam', the highest path that triggers one to moksha stood behind his ever encompassing devotion to his Lord at Guruvayur.
I am still intrigued at this face of a great 'advaitin' of our times. 
May his vision continue to guide us in our pursuit towards liberation. 
Once again praying for the completion of his 'videha mukthi'.
With humble pRaNAms at the great 'Advaitin's' feet.

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