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Harsha Bhat harsha9519 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 09:16:51 CDT 2015


1)      Madhvas are very famous for loose talk and they always down grade
other philosophy and its acharyas.

When talking about this with a famous madhva pandith,he said not only we
madhvas ,advaithis also down grade madhvas.

He said vidhyaranya called madhvachrya as madhu named devil. Which comes in
soura purana.

Weather it is true?

Weather vidhyaranya called madhva as madhu named devil?
If so,where ? in which book?

Please reply ,so that  I can answer him...

   2) And also,he said vidhyaranya got defeated by akshobhya theertha in
vakhyartha of "tat tvam asi"...

In respect of that, vidhyaranya installed a vijaya sthamba in mulibagilu
for respecting akshobhya theertha...

Weather it is true that  vidhyaranaya got defeated by akshobhya theertha
for  vakhyartha of tat tvam asi?

Or it is just dvaithi's crooked up story for down grading other philosophy

Harsha Bhat

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