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Hari Om,Pranams
A. I suggest all sadhakas to study Brahma Sutra 3.2 under guidance of a Guru, if not yet done. Brahma Sutra 3.2 does an excellent tvam padaartha shodhanaa (त्वम् पदार्थ शोधना) and tat padaartha shodhanaa  (तत् पदार्थ शोधना).  
B. How does the article deal with the following: माण्डूक्योपनिषद्भाष्यम् । आगमप्रकरणम् । कारिका २ - भाष्यम् ननु, तत्र ‘सदेव सोम्य’ (छा. उ. ६-२-१) इति प्रकृतं सद्ब्रह्म प्राणशब्दवाच्यम् ; नैष दोषः, बीजात्मकत्वाभ्युपगमात्सतः । यद्यपि सद्ब्रह्म प्राणशब्दवाच्यं तत्र, तथापि जीवप्रसवबीजात्मकत्वमपरित्यज्यैव प्राणशब्दत्वं सतः सच्छब्दवाच्यता च । यदि हि निर्बीजरूपं विवक्षितं ब्रह्माभविष्यत्, ‘नेति नेति’ (बृ. उ. ४-५-३) ‘यतो वाचो निवर्तन्ते’ (तै. उ. २-९-१) ‘अन्यदेव तद्विदितादथो अविदितादधि’ (के. उ. १-४) इत्यवक्ष्यत् ; ‘न सत्तन्नासदुच्यते’ (भ. गी. १३-१२) इति स्मृतेः । 
Mandukya -- Aagama prakarana - Karika 2 - BhashyamObjection: In that Sruti passage, the word Prana indicates Sat (Existence) i.e., the Brahman, (not the Avyakrita) which is the subject-matter under discussion, as the text commences with the passage 'All this was Sat in the beginning.' 
Reply: This is no mistake, for (in that passage) the Sat is admitted to be that which contains within it the seed or cause (of creation). Though Sat, i.e., Brahman, is indicated in that passage by word 'Prana', yet the Brahman that is indicated by the words Sat and Prana (in that connection) is not the one who is free from its attribute of being the seed or cause that creates all beings.
For if in that Sruti passage, Brahman, devoid of the causal relation (i.e., the Absolute) were sought to described, then the Sruti would have used such expressions as 'Not this, not this' (Br.Up 4.5.3), 'Wherefrom  speech turns back (Tai 2.9), 'That is something other than both the known and the unknown' (Ke 1.4) etc. The Smriti also declares  'It is neither Sat (existence) nor Asat (non-existence) (G XIII.12) "
Thank you and regards-- durga prasad
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