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 And, of course, the advaitins led by the  vivaraNa  AchArya hold that the reflection is non-different from the  original, the
 bimba. This leads us to the discussion of the bheda or  otherwise of the  reflection and the original, which should be a topic of a
 separate post.
Anandaji - PraNAms - very good analysis. 

About the binba-pratibimba - We were discussing this the other day during our Memorial Day camp. in relation to Swayam Jyoti brahmana  of Munikanda. 

The point is, light even though present every where, cannot be recognized without an object reflecting it. Thus bimba cannot be recognized without pratibimba. It is like sunlight where the moon is cannot be recognized without the moon reflecting it. Hence upaadhi is essential for recognition of the original light for the recognition of the original light. The reflection, however, depends on the reflecting medium even if the original is undifferentiated. Thus we have - original cannot be recognized without reflection and reflection depends on the medium of reflection.  In essence mind with or without thoughts is required to recognize that the consciousness that I am is not due mind and chidabhaasa but due to my original nature. This recognition has to be done  by the mind since it has to be cognitively understood. 

Second point is one cannot differentiate the original light and the reflected light as they are insuperable. We cannot distinguish the original sunlight falling on the moon and the reflected sunlight by the moon. We only see luminous moon which is intrinsically non-luminous entity.

What is the luminosity that I see is due to if one asks,   is it due to the moon (upaadhi) or due to the reflected light (chidaabhaasa) or dur to the original sunlight (pure swayam jyoti). It belongs to all three since they are inseparable. Hence only cognitively, using the very upaadhi (mind) which is enlivened by chidaabhaasa, I (combination of chidaabhaasa and mind) have to recognize the consciousness that I am is the original one. Hence realization or recognition also has to be done by the upahita chaitanya and that recognition involves that I am the original consciousness that is illumining the mind. Of course, the upaadhi that is reflecting the consciousness is also an apparent modification of the original sat-chit comes from the creation aspect - as vaachaarambhanam vikaaro naamadheyam. 

For those who are interested the talks on the Swayam jyoti brahmana can be found at http://livestream.com/AcharyaSadaji/events/3991287

My 2c.

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