[Advaita-l] Need explanation for "ekatma-pratyaya-saram"

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Dear Sri Nitin Sridhar,

 The two interpretations differ in the anvaya for the term “eka”. In the
first interpretation, it is associated with the term “atma” while in the
second it is associated with “pratyaya”. Thus we have “eka atma pratyaya”
and “atma eka pratyaya”. In the first, Turiyam is stated to be realized by
following the thought process ( sarah ) that the Atmas ( Consciousness ) in
the three states of awareness namely jagrat/svapna/sushupti are really one
and the same and not three separate Atmas ( Consciousnesses ). Thus
Vaishvanara/Taijasa/prajna are to be understood as one and the same Turiya.

In the second interpretation it is stressed that the ONLY ( eka pratyaya )
means ( sarah ) of realizing Turiyam is through understanding it as Atman.
There is no other means. The Bhashyam hence cites in support of this the BU
<< आत्मेत्येवोपासीत’ (बृ. उ. १-४-७) >> immediately following the portion
quoted by you.. Ofcourse there are any number of other quotes from the
Bhashyam in support of this interpretation.

 I hope with this clarification the Bhashyam is clear. I am sorry I have
not furnished the word for word meaning. But I thought the above would help
in clearing the understanding of the Bhashyam. If it does not, please
ignore this post.


2015-05-22 8:29 GMT+05:30 Nithin Sridhar via Advaita-l <
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> I am having little trouble in understanding this description of turiya in
> Mandukya upanishad.
> Can anybody explain the Shankara Bhashya portion for the term ?
> The Bhashya says- एकात्मप्रत्ययसारं जाग्रदादिस्थानेषु एक एवायमात्मा
> इत्यव्यभिचारी यः प्रत्ययः, तेनानुसरणीयम् ; अथवा, एक आत्मप्रत्ययः सारः
> प्रमाणं यस्य तुरीयस्याधिगमे, तत्तुरीयमेकात्मप्रत्ययसारम्,
> ^^^
> Can anybody translate it word for word?
> Thank you in advance.
> Regards,
> Nithin
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