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Dear Shri Anandji,

Thanks for the very interesting and informative interaction.

Warm Regards

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> Dear Shri Chandramouliji,
> You wrote:
>    Since Bhamati is a commentary on the Bhashyam , is it clearly mentioned
>    therein whether the above view is an independent view of Sri Vacahaspati
>    Mishra or Sri Appayya Dikshita , or is it their interpretation of the
> view
>    held by Sri Bhagavatpada ?
> It may not have been explicit and clear in my message, but Appayya Dikshita
> does quote shAnkara bhAshya on the samanvaya sUtra (1.1.4) in explaining
> the bhAmatI view that there is no vidhi. Therefore, (in the bhAshya on
> 1.1.4), in the matter of AtmajnAna, after denying a vidhi, it is asked,
> "for what purpose are the semblances of vidhis such as AtmA vA are
> draShTavayaH shrotavyaH...?" The bhAShya says that it is for turning one
> away from objects of natural activity (ata eva samanvaya sUtre
> AtmajnAnavidhinirAkaraNAnantaraM bhAShyam- kimarthAni tarhi "AtmA vA are
> draShTavyaH shrotavyaH" ityAdIni vacanAni vidhicChAyAni?
> svAbhAvikapravRttiviShayavimukhIkaraNArthAnIti brUmaH- ityAdi).
> Also, Appayya Dikshita addresses what appears to be an acceptance of a
> vidhi in 3.4.47 by the bhAShyakAra and says it is only an appearance of a
> vidhi that is accepted, in accordance with the bhAShya on 1.1.4.
> Anand
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