[Advaita-l] Advaita Vidyā Tilakam by Samara Pungava Dīkṣitar

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> I am searching for an Advaita grantha titled "Advaita Vidyā Tilakam"  by
> Samara Pungava Dīkṣitar.
> I couldn't find any reference in any digital archives.
> I understand that there is also a commentary on this grantha in Devanāgari
> and I am not aware of the commentators name.

The Advaitavidyatilakam was published in the Saraswati Bhavan texts series 
in two parts back in 1930 and as far as I know not been reprinted since 

I found part one atleast in Digital Library of India.

According to the introduction of that edition:

"The work is a commentary on the Brahma Sutras of Badarayana written after 
the manner of Shankaracharya in the form of eulogistic verses addressed to 
Shiva.  The adhikaranas are arranged in proper sequence and carefully 
summed up in the text."

It is accompanied by a commentary called darpana by Dharmayya Dikshita.

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