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Jainism did have some influence on the eating practices of South Indians.We have shaiva vellalars too who do not take non vegetarian food.Shaiva is used to specify pure vegetarianism.Like Vaishnava word indicates this in the North especially Punjab,Haryana etc.
But it cannot be said that Jainism brought vegetarianism.To be sathvic which aids purity of the mind vegetarianism has been found to be helpful.About Garlic/onion consumption these are said to drag ones mind towards Thamasic tendencies and therefore to be avoided.Gita 18th Chapter will be helpful to know about foods to be avoided and foods to be preferred.

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> Namaskar,
> Is the strict vegetarianism practiced by south Indian Brahmins a product of
> jain dharma which was had a strong past presence in that region?
> What is the proper way to view and explain vegetarianism and how it
> pertains to dharma in spite of meat eating / animal sacrifice in sastras?
> Also, is it permissible to consume onions and garlic? What is the
> authoritative position on this?
> Thank you,
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