[Advaita-l] Why can't it be done by some learned scholars?

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Sun Mar 29 12:56:37 CDT 2015

This is just myth.
'Removed 72 sects'?? From where??
All minds?? Even most loyal of those sects?? Even from future minds??

I don't think that just because there is a philosophy known as Vedanta,
people will not convert. If it were true no one would have converted at any

It's man who decides what he wants to follow, right or wrong. Who gives
even a single thought to validity of philosophy and arguments? Only a few.
So, only they don't convert because there is a philosophy and they can
understand that. It's not applicable to masses.

Debates are always going on among sects mentioned by you. But, it is not to
convert essentially.
The argument which you think correct is flawed in other's view. So, it
didn't prove your philosophy correct to him. So, he doesn't leave his sect.
Another thing, most debates are to show that they have studied their
respective works and retain that. Some debates are to win prizes. So, the
result you are expecting can't come from those debates.

Do you think that mAdhva-s and shrI-vaiShNava-s are avaidika in every sense?
No, it is not like that. They follow veda-s. They are already in home. And,
what veda-s want to say is debatable.
So, stop being biased and forcing your thoughts on others.
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> Before 1200 years there came shankaracharya  who removed 72 sects in
> ancient sathana dharma and brought them under a single platform of advaita
> vedanta,that is why ancient sanathana dharma is still present in india
> otherwise we would have been muslim by now.
> The present day science even support advaita vedanta.Now my point is why
> can't some learned scholars can bring back madhvas and srivishnavas and
> newly formed mathas under advaita vedanta by proper debate under upanishad.
> This will even support Rss 's Ghar Vapsi Right?
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