[Advaita-l] Doubt regarding recycling of Vilva/bhel leaves for doing Shiva Pooja.

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Wed Mar 11 01:35:35 CDT 2015

Dear Ramanan,                 Bilva leaves represent the triguna tita tattva and ment for the Shiva puka as Lord shiva is beyond the trinity and omnipotent as we all know. I have seen people reusing Bilva leaves after washing in the ganges and making poweder of the re-used leaves in the form of bhasma-abhisheka. When I asked about this in Benares, several people told me that it is allowed, but I don't know the sastra pramaa. I believe more in learned peoples followed path rather than the sastra pramana. Regarding Tulsi leaves they are ment for Vishnu puka as vishnu is alankara priya, if the leaves don't loose its santicity , I mean if they are properly stored one can use for longer time, by reusage they may loose their santicity, one can take inside undoubtedly as prasada after the pooja, but this is not holds for Bilva leaves.
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 Dear All,
I have heard from a very learned friend that old Bhel/vilva leaves, which are used in Shiva pooja can be recycled (re-used) for one year without any violation of sanctity for doing Shiva Pooja, provided they are preserved in dry and usable condition, if fresh vilva leaves are not available. Similarly, Tulasi/basil leaves can be used for six months for performing Vishnu Pooja. Is this correct and if yes, i would like to have the scriptural quotations/references regarding the same. Thanks for the help in advance, Ramesh Ramanan.

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