[Advaita-l] Doubt regarding recycling of Vilva/bhel leaves for doing Shiva Pooja.

RAMESH RAMANAN rameshramanan at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 10 11:46:53 CDT 2015

Dear All,
I have heard from a very learned friend that old Bhel/vilva leaves, which are used in Shiva pooja can be recycled (re-used) for one year without any violation of sanctity for doing Shiva Pooja, provided they are preserved in dry and usable condition, if fresh vilva leaves are not available. Similarly, Tulasi/basil leaves can be used for six months for performing Vishnu Pooja. Is this correct and if yes, i would like to have the scriptural quotations/references regarding the same. Thanks for the help in advance, Ramesh Ramanan.

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